David was born in Lincolnshire and mainly schooled in the Isle of Ely, also studying in the Fens and the Black Forest. He has lived in the USA, Caribbean and South America as well as the UK. Currently based in the Midlands, he travels as a consultant to insurance markets around the world. Researching and producing for publication reports on these – usually the length of novels – may have instilled more discipline in David’s creative writing. In 2021 his first fiction Seventeen came out, an adventure fantasy story aimed at and beyond young adults.

From Seventeen’s mainly masculine world of Pirates, Knights, Army and Westerners, the contemporary novel Them Roper Girls returned in 2022 to our own. With humour and compassion it traces in their own voices the lives of four sisters over more than sixty years from their troubled 1950s childhood.

You can read daily snatches of biography in the Dave Daze feature, with extracts from diaries and other writings selected mainly at random and edited more for length than possible interest.

David can also be found on Facebook.