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Dave Daze

Every day is a good day

Monday 28 November 1977: Cambridge

Insomnia last night meant I only got about 4 hrs. sleep last night & not a single doze today. Still wrote my last essay for this term, on Stendhal. As long as I can churn out 3 sides each time it’s all one to me. Had 3 pts. before dinner but despite temptation to go

My Latest Book


Or, The Blood City Tommy O’Reilly Benefit Tour

Sir Tristram will take seventeen to the match – how many will he bring back? He must reunite his Blood City teammates – Knights, Pirates and Westerners – to win the prestigious Seskie tournament against their oldest rivals. Penalty shoot-outs often end in tears. In Cibola they may end in a fight to the death. Behind the football match is a bigger power play, a king’s mission to bring down his greatest rival by persuasion, trickery or force. Needing a squad of soldiers as well as footballers, Sir Tristram must also find a place on tour and in his heart for the teenage child he has not addressed by name since infancy…

"Unique and captivating story – As with any good story I felt transported in, watching the events unfolding. It evoked childhood memories."

C J Bunn

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