Posted on 15 December, 2022

Vote 159 – Bigjoe

Vote 159 – Bigjoe for people’s choice prize at the Rugby Open art exhibition through to February.
My son Joe has followed up his and Kate’s exhibition in the summer at the Rugby art gallery with a place in their Open exhibition, where current art is displayed along with selections from the Rugby collection featuring such famous names as Lowry and Sutherland. Here’s the link for more details. https://www.ragm.co.uk/rugby-open-2022.
Well worth a look if you happen to live or be in the area, and naturally I hope you will pop the form in the exhibition into the box casting your vote – by January 7th – as I did today, to give Joe a shot at winning the ‘people’s prize’ with the piece of work shown in this post. Just don’t ask me what it’s about! I’ll have to leave that to the artist to explain.
You will also see on the website during this month a few attributed quotes about Them Roper Girls, or rather the selected highlights from a blog tour of reviews I did in November. My relative unfamiliarity with Instagram and Twitter meant I could not publicise this as widely as I would perhaps have liked, or then again not in the light of what some of the reviewers said. It was easy enough not to get over-excited either by the kind words or downhearted at the more critical ones, the challenge will be to learn from them. The full reviews are available on the Twitter and/or Instagram accounts mentioned in an earlier update showing the poster prepared by Random Tours who organised the event. It was my first of the kind, and when I could find the reviews it was quite … emotional.
Merry Christmas or any other holiday you may observe at this time of year, and we will catch up again in 2023! All the best, David.